Technical characteristics

Residential building 3 (sections 3,4,5,6)

(information on the technical characteristics of the construction object and objects of investment in the construction site; a brief list of works at the construction site and adjoining territory; a brief list of construction works at the investment object)

Apartments from 3-14 th floor (except penthouse apartments)

Section and floors: 4 sections

- 15 floors – apartments ground floor for office and technical areas;

- 1-2 floors – office areas.

- 3-14 floors – apartments

- 15 floor – sections 3-4 – art studios

Sections 5-6 – penthouse apartments (level 2)

Construction scheme: monolithic ferroconcrete frame.


Exterior – bricks 250 mm width, plastered inside apartments, mounted ferroconcrete panels200 mmand 250 mm width, insulated, plastered and painted.

Between apartments – ferroconcrete 250 mm widths and bricks 250 mm width.

Interior – mounted ferroconcrete panels120 mm and 100 mm width.

Partitionwalls – small-plaster panels 80 mm width.

Overlap : monolithic reinforced concrete, width 200 mm. In the apartments by overlap, the construction of floors, except for bathrooms. In sanitary rooms of flats, waterproofing is carried out..

Ceiling: combined

Fire prevention characteristics:

  • Stairs illumination – daylight, night time - electric;
  • Antismoke protection – according to the project;
  • Installed fire extinction pipes on every floor (FEP)
  • Fire extinction automatic system.

Number of elevators: 2(in each section)

  • 1 elevators with 400 kg capacity;
  • 1elevator with capacity 1000 kg capacity

Floor height: 3,3m ( floor to floor).

Slot filling:

— entrance door to the apartment – metal,shockproof;

— Interior doors in the apartment – not installed;

— Windows and balcony doors – plastic with double glazing;

Interior finishing works in the apartments: not made

Bathrooms (combinedbathroom and toilet.): not made or installed ;

Towel dryers: electric, not installed. In the bathrooms and in the combinedbathrooms an electric socket for the dryer is installed.

Type of stove/oven: electric stoves, not installed.

Wiring: Copper wire, with sockets and switches. The winig inside the apartment is not made.

Television networks: lining is performed on distribution boards located on each floor of public corridors, entrance to the apartment - is not fulfilled.

Heating system:

from autonomous roofing boiler house (ADC), located on the roof of Section 3.

Two-pipe, two-zone;

- the first zone - with the lower breeding of highways: from the 1st to the 12th floors;

- the second zone - with the lower cultivation of highways: from the 13th to the 24th floors.

Apartment plating of the heating system from polyethylene pipes is carried out in the floor construction from risers located in common use corridor cabinets.

Type of heating devices: steel radiators.

Ventilation system: obligatory, in the kitchen and in the bathrooms wall fans are installed.
For each apartment, on the facade, a place is set for the installation of an external unit of the air conditioner (brackets with a screen and hole). Air conditioners are not installed.

The system of cold water supply: single zoned. The supply pipelines are laid under the ceiling of the corridor of general use of the 14th floor.

Hot water supply system: single zoned.

Supply pipelines are laid under the ceiling of the public corridor on the 14th floor.

Counters for each apartment (Located in the corridors of common use blocks.):

- cold and hot water;

- electricity;

- heating

Finishing works on the corridors of common use:

Elevator hall, corridors of common use and stairs:

  • stairs floor – concrete finish;
  • corridor of common use and elevator hall floor – ceramic tiling;
  • elevator hall walls on the 1st floor – ceramic tiling;
  • corridor of common use and elevator hall walls at the typical floors – water resistant paint;
  • ceiling – paste whitewash;
  • entrance doors to the building – aluminum glazed;
  • interior doors –metalic;
  • windows – metal glazing.


  • exterior lighting – according to the project;
  • roads, pavements, pedestrian paths – asphalt coating and FEM coating;
  • recreation areas: active rest, playground, temporary parking for vehicles.

                                                                           Attention to the investors!

1. Itisforbiddentodismantleindependentlytheconstructiveelementsoftheobject,interior and exterior worksandchangetheengineeringcommunications.

2. The owner of the property shall bear responsibility for the results of independent work on the installation of external hinged constructions and technical equipment, as well as for the consequences of violation of the integrity of the front and external walls of the building.

3. Duringtheconstructionprocessthedeveloperhastherighttoadd/ changeelements in the design and technological solutions of the residential building that do not degrade its consumer qualities and do not lead to violation of sanitary norms.

4. The total area of the apartment is approximate; final calculations should be made according to the official data of technical inventory.