Technical characteristics


Residential building 32

Оffice areas, non-residential №1-10

(information on the technical characteristics of the construction object and objects of investment in the construction site; a brief list of works at the construction site and adjoining territory; a brief list of construction works at the investment object)

Location: ground floor and on the 1 st floor of the і 26-stored residential building.

Constructive scheme: single reinforced concrete frame


- Exterior walls – ceramic tiles 250 mm width and monolithic ferroconcrete 250 mm and 300 mm width, not plastered, exterior insulation system with hinged ventilated facade;

- Interior – ferroconcrete 200 mm and 250 mm width and ceramic tiles not plastered 250mm widths.

- Partition walls – ceramic tiles 120 mm width, not plastered.

Overlap: mounted ferroconcrete panels 200 mm width

1sr floor ceiling height: 3,3 m (floor-to-floor).

Filling the slots:

- entrance doors to the room - metal-plastic with double-paneled double-glazed windows;

- windows - metal-plastic with double-glazed windows.

Every office has:

1. Places for:

- Cold water supply;

- Sewerage pipes;

- electricity;

- Ventilation system with firefighting.

2. Counters installment:

- heating;

- cold water.

3.  Heating system: central

4.  Fire prevention taps installed.

Electricity counters are installed in the basement electricity block.

Offices don`t have:

- Floor finish coating;

- Plaster and interior works;

- Hot water supply;

- Interior systems of water supply and sewerage;

- Interior electric works;

- communications;

- fire alarm;

- equipment and interior zoning for ventilation system.


- exterior lighting – according to the project;

- roads, pavements, pedestrian paths – asphalt coating and FEM coating;

Attention to the investors!

1. Itisforbiddentodismantleindependentlytheconstructiveelementsoftheobject, interior and exterior worksandchangetheengineeringcommunications.

2. The responsibility for the independent construction works for making interior and exterior constructions and technical equipment, as well as the results of the ruining the façade of the wall lays on the apartment owner.

3. Duringtheconstructionprocessthedeveloperhastherighttoadd/ changeelements in the design and technological solutions of the residential building that do not degrade its consumer qualities and do not lead to violation of sanitary norms.

4. The total area of the apartment is approximate; final calculations should be made according to the official data of technical inventory.