At investing into office spaces in the residential building #2 at R/C «ЕVRYКА» from 30.08.2019 the total amount of every payment made with clients` personal funds has the following discounts:

1st payment * 50% (and more), but less than 100%


1st payment * 100%


The discount for the “Regular customer`s club” of 5% is added.

The program is valid from 30.08.2019tо 26.09.2019(inclusively)** and the discounts are valid only for those agreements signed during the Special Offer Program duration.

Please note that according to the Special Offer program it is forbidden to change the investment object.


*first payment – single payment made with clients` personal funds in a single payment document.
**Special Offer program can be stopped before due date.



For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22