Choose the house

Number of floors2 (2nd floor – cockloft). One-storied garage is built within the manor.
Foundation: strip solid-cast ferroconcrete.
Outsidewalls: aerated concrete blocks with the width of 300mm, exterior finishing – warmed, plastered and painted; interior finishing – un-plastered.

Partition walls

  1. bathroom – made out of ceramic bricks width 120 mm, un-plastered;
  2. technical space – made out ceramic bricks width 120mm, plastered and painted;
  3. kitchen – plasterboard width 100mm with sound isolation system.


  1. Over the 1st floor – solid-cast ferroconcrete block;
  2. Over the 2nd floor – heated ceiling cockloft roof.

Rоof: metal tiling over the wooden constructions.
Hight of the rooms:
           1st floor:

                     - from floor to the bottom of the ceiling – 3.00m;
                     - from the floor to the bottom of the ferroconcrete beam – 2.90m. 

          2nd floor (cockloft):

                  – from the floor – from 2,58m (over exterior wall) tо 3,10m (to the bottom of horizontal beams).
Entrance doors, windows and balcony doors in the house – double metal-plastic glazing.

Windowsill – plastic.

Interior doors and 2nd entrance doors aren`t installed.

Doors to the technical facilities – wooden based topped with fused materials.

Interior stairs – temporary wooden (ladder).

Floorinthemanorferroconcrete blocks.
Finishing floor cover, set up layering, hydro-, heat- and sound-isolation aren’t performed.

On the balcony: ceramic bricks for exterior use.

Interiorfinishingworks: not performed.

Bathroom equipment: not installed.

Gas: installment of technical facility input and kitchen input.installment of blocking fittings. In the technical facility a gas boiler is installed and the installation of pipes to the gas boiler.

Тype of oven: gas, not installed.

Heatingsystem: indivіdual,water based from a double-contoured gas boiler. Arrangement of heating system and the installation of radiators is not included.

Hotwater: individual, from a double-contoured gas boiler. Arrangement of hot water system to the sinks is not included.

Coldwater: centralized. Arrangements to the input of a technical facility and gas boiler made. The arrangements for cold water system to the sink is not included.

Sewerage:  from the technical facility drains to the central stock net. A blocking mechanism installed. Arrangement to the sink and the installation of sewage pipes is not included.

Electricity: моunted: 

  1. accounting closet on  exterior wall with connection to the city net;
  2. switchboard on the interior wall of the manor;
  3. switch, socket, cartridge at the hall;
  4. wiring out of copper wires to the technical facility, where installed switch, socket, cartridge.
  5. grounding.

Lightning conductor installed.   
Meter installation
electricity – at the general access outside the manor(exterior wall),
cold water– at the technical facility,
gas – at the general access facility in the yard territory.

The fireplace: a place to the fire installment is settled. A chimneys tunnel created.

Garage:  no heating.

Walls– out of aerated concrete blocks width 230mm.

Roof– decking over wooden constructions.

Exterior finishing works – plaster and paint.

Interior finishing works – not made.

Floor – ferroconcrete blocks. Finishing layer for floor surface not made.

Gates – sectioned, not automatic.

Windows – mono metal-plastic glazing.

Doors – metal.

Path to the house, entrance to the garage, figured paving elements: decorative pavement elements.

Porch and terrace: ceramic bricks for exterior use.

Parcelsettlement: not settled.

Fence: at the border of parcels – metal nets.

Along the street –decorative metal gate.

Fire prevention: installment of fire hydrants on the street. 

Attention fоrinvestors!

  1.  Itsforbiddentodismantlestructuralelements ofthe house, exterior walls, to shift external engineering networks.
  2.  The total surface of the manor is approximate; definite calculations should be stated according to the official dates of technical inventory.
  3. Whilechangingtheoriginalprojectshoulddirecttotheconstructionandarchitecturalorganizations, which ownaneededlicense.