Information for the bank`s clients

Information for the bank`s clients

The National Bank of Ukraine reports that starting from August 5, 2019, an international bank account number (IBAN), which consists of 29 alphanumeric characters, is introduced in Ukraine.

In this regard:

I. Clients of banks:

1) from August 5, 2019:
will receive from the bank information on changing the current account according to the IBAN standard for informing their counterparties and indication in settlement documents.

At the same time, changing the current account number under the IBAN standard does not lead to a change in the provisions of the agreement (bank account / settlement and cash service / bank deposit agreement, etc.

2) from August 5, 2019 until October 31, 2019, the documents on the transfer of funds can fill in the details of "Bank code" and "Account" in any variation.

Thus, in documents on transfer of funds in the details of the payer / recipient, can be filled in as a pair of details (payer / payee's account number and payer / payer bank code), as well as IBAN account payer / receiver account number. In the case of filling in the account number of the payer / receiver according to the IBAN standard, in the "Code of the payer's bank / payee's bank" field will be marked zero;

3) from November 1, 2019, the billing document "Account" will indicate the payer / recipient account number only according to the IBAN standard.

Banks of Ukraine:

1) from August 5, 2019 to October 31, 2019:

will accept documents for transfer of funds / credit money to the payee's account for requisites, the variation of which has been chosen by the payer;

notify controlling bodies about the change of existing accounts of business clients under the IBAN standard;

submit (without client's declarations) to the bodies of the Pension Fund of Ukraine / bodies of social protection of population the list of accounts according to the standard IBAN;

2) from August 5, 2019:

will open accounts (current, deposit (deposit), conditional storage accounts (escrow)) in accordance with the requirements of the IBAN standard;

will ensure the formation of a statement on the customer's account from the date of opening the account and the amount of the incoming balance on the current account to the change of the account according to the standard IBAN ("account history"), with further confirmation of transactions for any date after changing the current account of the client in accordance with the IBAN standard;

will execute documents for arrest of funds / forcing to cancel / charge, regardless of the account number indicated in these documents (current account before IBAN / IBAN standard change).