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Residential Complex “PATRIOTYKA BY THE LAKES” is a geographical extension of the popular among investors residential complex “PATRIOTYKA”.

However, the landscape and lakes makes it different from any other residential area in Kyiv. The synergy reflected in combining modern residential buildings, infrastructure and natural area makes it attractive for living and leisure.

Traditionally, every building will be named after a lake or estuary in Ukraine. Some of them remained from the days of yore, some are relatively recent but all of them form part of the history of our beautiful Ukraine.

Our new residential complex is meant to be just as beautiful and comfortable.


Cozy apartments with modern layout —« PATRIOTYKA BY THE LAKES».

Picturesque landscape — “PATRIOTYKA BY THE LAKES”.

Kindergartens and schools — “PATRIOTYKA BY THE LAKES”.

Stores and shopping malls — “PATRIOTYKA BY THE LAKES”.

Relaxing by the water, charming quay and even Lunar track on a quiet surface of the lake — this is also “PATRIOTYKA BY THE LAKES”.


Bank “ARCADA” starts to raise funds for financing the construction of residential buildings «NEBREZH» (№4), “VYRLYTSIYA” (№6), MARICHEIKA (№7), “SYVASH” (№9), “LEBEDYN” (№14). Later on investors will be offered other buildings of the residential complex “PATRIOTYKA ON THE LAKES”.